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ESVONC membership is granted after approval in following our constitution (don't let this inhibit you to apply ;-).

ESVONC is a friendly society of veterinary oncology driven professionals. The ESVONC membership makes you part of this worldwide family.

The annual fees are renewed every year in December.


Recurring member

If you are a recurring member, you should have received an e-mail for the Membership fee renewal by the secretariat (PCO, Pauwels Congress Organisers). These payment renewal e-mails are sent annually from December, and then monthly until payment or cancellation.


Here are the membership fees for 2024: 

    2024 (incl. 21% VAT) 2024 (incl. 21% VAT)
    1 year subscription 2 years subscription
Full members No journal subscription € 145,20 € 266,20
  Online only access to VCO € 205,70 € 387,20
  Online + Hardcopy of VCO € 229,90 € 411,40
Residents/interns/PhD students No journal subscription € 72,60 € 133,10
  Online only access to VCO € 139,15 € 193,60
  Online + Hardcopy of VCO € 163,35 € 217,80
Associate Nurse Membership 1Y   € 60,50  


Residents are offered the discounted membership fee. This offer is open to residents of all disciplines (pathology, surgery...), but has to be applied for on an annual basis by contacting the office. To be eligible for the Wim Misdorp Resident Award, ESVONC Membership is obligatory!

Please note: registering as a resident is only allowed for a maximum of 3 years.

ESVONC members also have the option to subscribe to the Journal of Veterinary and Comparative Oncology (VCO) (4 issues per year, special issues every now and then).

The benefits of the ESVONC membership are :

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