Oncology Courses

This page lists oncology courses organized by diverse groups all over Europe. 

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World Oncology Connections

Together with VCS, AMONCOVET, ARBROVET, the Japanese Veterinary Cancer Society, ESVONC is happy to participate and organize the World Oncology Connections initiative. A series of webinars around a certain topic, brought to you by researchers and clinicians, meant to give a new and maybe different angle on the topic. 

The webinars are free for ESVONC members. Are you an ESVONC member? Just login and start watching.

Webinar #1: Mast Cell Tumors: do we see eye to eye?

Webinar #2: Histiocytic sarcoma: are there solutions? 

Webinar #3 (August 2022): canine TVT, the round enemy: What we know about it. 

Webinar #4 (December 2022): Electroporation-based treatments in veterinary medicine.

Webinar #5 (February 2023): Feline Mammary Gland Carcinoma

Webinar #6 (August 2023): on Canine Oral Melanomas

Webinar #7 (6 December 2023): Squamous Cell Carcinoma

UPCOMING: Webinar #8 (22 February 2024): organised by ESVONC and will be about the Bone Marrow. Save the date!



Other courses


Electrochemotherapy Workshop in Austria 21 & 22 June 2024

Electrochemotherapy Workshop in Austria 21 & 22 June 2024

Added 09-02-2024

Workshop "Electrochemotherapie - A local treatment option for tumours. Applications in Companion Animals and Horses"