Oncology Courses

This page lists oncology courses organized by diverse groups all over Europe. 

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World Oncology Connections

Together with VCS, AMONCOVET, ARBROVET, the Japanese Veterinary Cancer Society, ESVONC is happy to participate and organize the World Oncology Connections initiative. A series of webinars around a certain topic, brought to you by researchers and clinicians, meant to give a new and maybe different angle on the topic. 

The webinars are free for ESVONC members. Are you an ESVONC member? Just login and start watching.

Webinar #1: Mast Cell Tumors: do we see eye to eye?

What a fun and great event for this 1st WOC (World Oncology Connections), a new initiative of ESVONC, VCS, AMONCOVET, JVCS and ARBROVET who organised this 1st edition.
Thank you Maria Dagli (ABROVET) for putting this first webinar together. Congratulations to Davide Berlato for representing ESVONC so well.
What a great panel of speakers (Rodrigo Horta, Doug Thamm and Davide Berlato) and a high level of discussion. We are still learning about MCT every day.

Webinar #2: Histiocytic sarcoma: are there solutions? 

Here's the recording of the 2nd webinar of the World Oncology Connections, all about Histiocytic Sarcomas. Moderator was dr. Craig Clifford. Speakers are dr. Diana Sanchez (Amoncovet), dr. Christine Mullin (VCS) and dr. Benoit Hedan (ESVONC).

Webinar #3 (August 2022): canine TVT, the round enemy: What we know about it. 

This is the recording of the 3rd webinar of the World Oncology Connections. This webinar is all about canine Transmissible Venereal Tumors (TVT). This webinar was held on August 2022, with Dr. Elizabeth Murchison, Dr. Nazilton Reis and Dr. Angelina Gutiérrez.


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