The European Society of Veterinary Oncology (ESVONC) was established in 1992 (24th September) by a group of scientists, active in the field of veterinary and comparative oncology in Europe.  

The objective of the Society shall be to further scientific progress in veterinary and comparative oncology. The Society shall endeavour to achieve this objective by:

  1. encouraging and facilitating coordination of research and other contributions to the knowledge related to pathogenesis, diagnosis, therapy, prevention and control of animal tumour diseases.
  2. providing an organization for recognized specialists in veterinary oncology and for individuals who take interest in research, teaching or the practice of veterinary and comparative oncology.
  3. furthering education in veterinary oncology. 
  4. facilitating the exchange of information on comparative oncology through interaction with other organizations for cancer research.

ESVONC has evolved in the past 20 years to a lively society, which consists of varied group of professionals including clinical oncologists (Oncology Diplomates and oncology-interested practitioners), pathologists, researchers, PhD-students, residents, industry professionals. 

ESVONC is happy to see many national, supranational and cancer-type based societies in Europe evolve. This means that oncology is of increasing interest in the veterinary field. ESVONC wishes to play it's role in building bridges between the different societies and veterinary oncology groups.

 about the different national, supranational and subject-based societies in Europe.

about the Past, Present and Future of Veterinary Oncology in Europe

ESVONC is a partner of ECVIM-CA ( and FECAVA (