Siracusa 2021

UPDATE 24 May 2020: new communication by the ESVONC Executive Committee 

Dear ESVONC members,

What a sad mess! We should all be getting ready, packing our shorts and shades for our Annual Congress in Siracusa, Sicily this week. Unfortunately things are different and it will be few months before we can meet again. 

Over the past weeks, it has been amazing to see how much our profession has managed to learn and adapt quickly to the situation, often faster and with more responsibility than what our governments have put in place, to best accommodate our clients and the needs of our oncology patients. In a way, we have learnt a lot about ourselves as individuals and as a profession, but we will certainly be missing the great lectures, the amazing scientific program and the social events we had planned for Siracusa.

As you know, a decision had to be made early about our Congress at a time when we had only little visibility about the situation on covid-19. It is now clear that it was the right decision to cancel 2020 and postpone Siracusa to 2021. Sadly, many other congresses in Europe and all over the world are being cancelled one after another until the end of the year. On a positive note, we are very thankful for the continuous support of our great sponsors as well as the town of Siracusa and its hotels who have been very understanding and have agreed to postpone our meeting to 2021 at no extra costs / no loss for us. 

As a society, it is important that 2020 does not only stand as a year without any work being done and the EC wishes to take this opportunity to (self)-reflect on different issues :

We have negotiated with VCS a special agreement so that a selection of our best abstracts could be fast tracked into their program as part of a unique international track for abstract presentations. Of course, we have no assurance if VCS will happen this year and under what format but we are working on this so many of our authors may have this opportunity.

After the cancellation of the World Veterinary Cancer Congress in Tokyo, and its postponement to 2022, many questions have arisen about the purpose of such Congresses and how to make the ; more valuable for members of all societies. You will soon receive a survey on this topic (July), so thank you in advance for taking the time to answer it. All members of all societies will receive the same survey.

We are evaluating the technical feasibility of new formats / options for future Congresses and our annual AGM. 


Hopefully, you and your loved ones are all safe and healthy. That is what really matters after all. If you do have any questions or wish to raise any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at ; or


Best wishes, 

Ana, Iain, Jerome, Neil, Irina.


UPDATE 27 April 2020: a new date for the Siracusa ESVONC congress has been put forward: 27-29 May 2021!


Dear ESVONC members and registrants, 

Because of the growing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions placed on our speakers and delegates, your executive committee has had little choice but to cancel ESVONC 2020 in Siracusa at the end of May. We would hope to postpone the meeting for 1 year and reconvene at the same venue in May of 2021, though this of course is not yet finalised.

For those registered for the congress, we can arrange a full refund of your registration, or you may choose to leave your registration as it is for the rearranged meeting. Please contact our conference secretariat for a refund, but please be mindful that this will be a busy time for the conference organisation team and there may be some delay in response.  

We are naturally disappointed at having to postpone the congress, but the well being of our delegates and supporters and our responsibility to the wider community is paramount and we are confident that this is the right decision. 

Take care!

Ana, Iain, Jérôme, Neil, Irina.


First came the Greeks, then the Romans, the Moors, the Normans and Vikings (yes, really), all conquered and ruled and fought over this pivotal city at the heart of the Mediterranean. Now oncologists…and medics and surgeons, clinical pathologists and diagnostic imagers will come, not to conquer, but to discuss and debate, educate and learn…will you be among this peaceful invasion?

The ESVONC family welcomes you to 3 days of stimulating lectures, to an evening of culture with a tour of the city on land and sea…to sample fine Sicilian cuisine in the ancient Greek quarries of Latomia del Casale.

THURSDAY: Endocrine neoplasia will stimulate the medics and surgeons

FRIDAY: Rescue protocols and interventional radiology…when first line fails, something for the clin paths and radiologists

SATURDAY: Advanced imaging; Changing oncology... made for the imagers

And if you fancy something truly oncological…try WEDNESDAY’S pre-congress resident’s session on Angiogenesis and Cancer

You can find the preliminary programme on the program page of this website, details about Siracusa are available at

Come and join us in the quest for knowledge at the Teatro Comunale in Siracusa

28th to 30th May 2020 (Pre-congress on the 27th)

Ana, Iain, Jérôme, Neil & Irina (ESVONC Executive Committee)

Chiara, Vera & Antonio (local organizing team)