ESVONC Clinical Research Fund

The deadline for the Clinical Research Fund applications is April 1st 2024!

!! UPDATE (10 March 2024): because of an issue with the CRF mailbox, submissions might not have reached us. Please use the secretary's email ( and submit your request (again). You should receive a confirmation of your submission. 

Inline with the objective of the Society ('to further scientific progress in veterinary and comparative oncology. The Society shall endeavour to achieve this objective by encouraging and facilitating coordination of research and other contributions to the knowledge related to pathogenesis, diagnosis, therapy, prevention and control of animal tumour diseases.'), a Clinical Research Fund was established in 2022-2023: to finance veterinary clinical research projects, including medical and surgical oncology and radiation therapy, for a maximum amount of €5000.

A Clinical Research Fund committee was instituted to review the submitted projects. The committee consists of the following members: prof. dr. Erik Teske (chair), dr. Christine Mirja Nolff, dr. Davide Berlato, dr. Quentin Fournier & prof. dr. Henrik Rönnberg. 

The ESVONC Research Grant committee (Chair E. Teske) is now ready to receive applications ( for the second year running (until April 1st 2024). Please use the guidelines in this document as the required application format.

The winners of the 2023 Clinical Research Grant are:


The executive committee would like to offer its grateful thanks to the Colegio Oficial de Veterinarios de Alicante for their generous support for the 2023 established Clinical Research Fund.