National & other veterinary oncology societies

ESVONC wishes to keep an open communication with the different national and supranational veterinary oncology societies. 

Is your national society not in our list or is the current information not up-to-date anymore?

please contact us so we can amend where needed. 

Subject- or Specialty-based groups 

European Network of Canine Lymphoma

Webpage society:

President/contact person: Stefano Comazzi & Laura Marconato 

European Veterinary Radiation Oncologists

Webpage society : 

contact person : dr. Carla Rohrer-Bley

Global Initiative for Veterinary Cancer Surveillance, GIVCS

The GIVCS has been initiated as an idea of the late Johan de Vos, a visionary and passionate veterinary oncologist from The Netherlands, and other veterinary oncologists that got together during the 3rd World Veterinary Cancer Congress, WVCC, in Foz do Iguassu, Brazil, in 2016. Since then, a group of veterinary oncologists, epidemiologists and pathologists decided to put Johan de Vos ideas into practice, and invited colleagues from many parts of the world to join. Members from Brazil, Portugal, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Kenya, Spain, the United Kingdom, Romania, France, Germany, Mexico, Hungary and USA form the group. Others may join voluntarily or upon invitation. 

A website has been created to inform about the mission and objectives of the initiative, and the first Annual Meeting has been held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on October 2019:

The GIVCS group has been working hard to create conditions to harmonize a coding system suitable for animal neoplasms and to consolidate GIVCS as a unique and global initiative to standardize and guide current and future Veterinary Registries in the collection of information on cancer in animals across the world.


Contact persons: dr. Katia Pinello & prof. Maria Dagli.

National veterinary oncology societies


Society name : VONA

Webpage :

contact persons : President: Christina Dreier-Schoepf, Vice president: Hemma Schichl-Pedit, Secretary: Thomas Wiebogen

e-mail : 


Society name: Danish Society For Veterinary Oncology

Webpage society:

President/contact person: Berit A. Sørensen

Annual veterinary oncology activities: Biannual meetings and a variety of educational activities activities.The core members are educated in the 3 year Danish cpd programme in companion animal oncology and certified by The Danish Veterinary Association to perform chemotherapy.This education is now part of the newly accredited University of Copenhagen “Master Companion Animal Clinical Science” aimed at private practioners where 7 specialisation options are available


Society name: AFVAC GEO (Groupe d'Etudes en Oncologie)

Webpage society:

President/contact person: Didier Lanore

Annual veterinary oncology activities: One continuing education program in 3 years, one annual (at least) congress/day of Oncology


Society name: Arbeitsgemeinschaft DGK-DVG-Arbeitsgruppe Onkologie in der DGK-DVG”

Webpage society: Deutsche Veterinärmedizinische Gesellschaft (DVG)

President/contact person:  Prof. Johannes Hirschberger


Society name: Hungarian Veterinary Oncology Society

Webpage society:

President/contact person: President: Balogh Lajos, DVM, contact person: Peter Vajdovich

Annual veterinary oncology activities: Congresses are held every two years. If a member is organizing a congress at his or her field he or she regularly invites other members for lectures. The members are in good contect to each other and they are pusruing collaboration scientificly and in patient management


Society name: SIONCOV

Webpage society:

President/contact person: Damiano Stefanello

Annual veterinary oncology activities: 3 meetings/ year (generally March, June and October)


Society name: AIVO (Associazione Italiana Veterinari per l’Oncologia)

Webpage society:

President/contact person: Chiara Leo  


Society name: Polish Small Animal Veterinary Association, Oncology Section 


President/contact person: Dariusz Jagielski (

Russian Federation

Society name: Institute development of comparative oncology (IRSO)

Webpage society:

President/contact person: Dr Marina Nicolaevna Yakunina

Annual veterinary oncology activities: 1 veterinary congress on purpose an exchange of experience and 2 seminars for training.


Society name: Grupo de Especialistas en Oncología (GEVONC) - Asociación de Veterinarios Especialistas en Pequeños Animales (AVEPA)

Webpage society:

President/contact person: Dra. Eva Royon Mayordomo

Annual veterinary oncology activities: Annual oncology meeting at Congreso de Especialidades de AVEPA (sala GEVONC)


Society name: Knölarna

Webpage society:

Contact persons : Dr Gunilla Kastengren Fröberg, Dr Nanna Åkerlund Denneberg, Dr. Henrik von Euler                                                                                     

Annual veterinary oncology activities: meeting once a year, email discussions

The Netherlands & Belgium

Society name: Collaborating Veterinary Cancer Centers

Webpage society:

President/contact person: Arno Roos & Tom Hendrickx

Annual veterinary oncology activities : Dutch Oncology Conference (every year in beginning of February) : 2 days on a specific subject of clinical oncology in dogs and/or cats