Second Annual Meeting of GIVCS

The Second Annual Meeting of the Global Initiative for Veterinary Cancer Surveillance (GIVCS) will be held in webinar format on 7th and 8th October 2020. The entire program can be accessed at our website ( and the registration here.

The GIVCS has been initiated as an idea of the late Johan de Vos, a visionary and passionate veterinary oncologist from the Netherlands, and other veterinary oncologists that got together during the 3rd World Veterinary Cancer Congress, WVCC, in Foz do Iguassu, Brazil, in 2016.

Since then, a group of veterinary oncologists, epidemiologists and pathologists decided to put Johan de Vos ideas into practice, and invited colleagues from many parts of the world to join.

Members from Brazil, Portugal, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Kenya, Spain, the United Kingdom, Romania, France, Germany, Mexico, Hungary and USA form the group. Others may join voluntarily or upon invitation. 

A website has been created to inform about the mission and objectives of the initiative, and the first Annual Meeting has been held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on October 2019.

The GIVCS group has been working hard to create conditions to harmonize a coding system suitable for animal neoplasms and to consolidate GIVCS as a unique and global initiative to standardize and guide current and future Veterinary Registries in the collection of information on cancer in animals across the world.

Thanks for joining, and hope you stay tuned on GIVCS activities.

Katia Pinello and Maria L.Z.Dagli.