We would like to inform you about Oncowaf (www.oncowaf.com): a website for dog owners and veterinarians with questions about cancer. In order to provide answers to these questions, veterinarians active in oncology collected relevant and independent information on this site.

For example, information can be found about:

  • which dog breeds are more susceptible than others to develop certain tumor types
  • tips on communicating with the vet
  • how to support the dog during his treatment
  • what the vet can do for the dog
  • ongoing clinical trials

In addition, the Facebook group allows dog owners with questions about cancer to exchange questions, experiences and tips among themselves. General information about cancer is regularly shared via the Oncowaf Facebook profiles. 

The site content is intended to be complementary and does in no way replace the advice of the veterinarian. Both the site content and the Facebook groups and profiles are available in Dutch, French and English, but we are looking for translaters and translations into other languages!

If you are a veterinarian that provides non-standard diagnostic or treatment options (such as electrochemotherapy, radiotherapy, photodynamic therapy) and/or have ongoing clinical trials, don't hesitate to reach out (contact@oncowaf.com). This information can be added to the site and will help dog owners locate non-standard care and enhance recruitment for trials.