Oncology Online Learning Programme by Improve International

Oncology Online Learning Programme
ISVPS General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert) Oncology

Go online to broaden your perspectives on veterinary oncology
Oncology has become one of the fastest-growing fields in small animal practice. As a result of the increase in oncology patients and available treatments, veterinary professionals are becoming more open-minded when treating pets with cancer. Our NEW General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert) Postgraduate Programme in Oncology aims to guide you through the latest knowledge in state-of-the-art, compassionate cancer care for animals by helping you provide safe and comprehensive diagnostics and treatments.
Progress your skills in a comprehensive and logical manner
All the content in this new online learning programme is logically designed to approach the main concepts of oncological disease, starting with a deep understanding of the biology of cancer. The latest information on diagnosis, staging and therapy will be discussed, and the consolidation of that knowledge will come in the interactive case management sessions. Topics addressed cover:

  • Diagnostic Imaging techniques
  • Cytology and laboratory diagnosis
  • Common types of cancer in small animals
  • Treatment options, such as surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy

The content is built around 12 online modules spread over 14 months. Each session comprises a total of nine lessons, two case studies, course notes and weekly summary videos.

Boost your confidence and achieve a recognised qualification
This new online learning CPD programme is a ground-breaking course led by renowned specialists to help you develop a clinical, evidence-based approach to achieve the best outcome for your patients. Rather than following generic protocols, this programme will help you address each case individually and feel confident in the investigation and treatment of cancer in small animals.
Set yourself for success with the support of the leading CPD provider – learn how to maintain an excellent quality of life for each pet you treat and achieve a recognised qualification the General Practitioner Certificate awarded by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS).

  • Cancer Biology, Understanding the Evidence 
  • Diagnostic Imaging of the Oncology Patient 
  • Cytology and laboratory diagnosis of the Oncology Patient 
  • Treatment of cancer: Surgery, Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy 
  • Lymphoma, Leukaemia, Myeloma 
  • Mast Cell Tumours 
  • Other Skin Tumours & Soft Tissue Sarcomas  
  • Urogenital Tumours & Mammary Tumours 
  • Skeletal & Respiratory Tumours 
  • Oral & Gastrointestinal Tumours 
  • Splenic Tumours, Haemangiosarcoma, Histiocytic Sarcoma 
  • Endocrine, Neurological and Ocular Tumours 

Course Director
Owen Davies MA VetMB MVetMed MANZCVS(SAM) DACVIM(Oncology) MRCVS RCVS & American Specialist in Veterinary Oncology
URL: https://www.improveinternational.com/uk/course/oncology-online-learning/