Hofheim am Taunus

Technically speaking we will not have our congress in Frankfurt itself, but in the neighboring suburban town of Hofheim-am-Taunus.

Hofheim is a small city (about 40.000 inhabitants) in the green belt of Frankfurt, approximately 15 kms away from Frankfurt city center. The city hall (“Stadthalle”) in Hofheim is the venue for the congress. It is conveniently located in short walking distance from Hofheim railway station and the main bus station and is directly adjacent to a shopping center (“Chinon Center”). Hofheim has a pretty city center with pedestrian areas, some historic half-timbered houses, many restaurants, shops, and other amenities, all in walking distance to the venue. 

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A city map with more information can be found here: 

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Hofheim can easily be reached by direct suburban train from Frankfurt main railway station (S2 to Niederhausen (Taunus)), which takes about 20 mins, or the regional train direction “Limburg” which will go to Hofheim railway station within 20 min. The suburban trains run every 20-30 min. The schedule can be found here:

This is the official website of the regional bus/train system: 

Here you can find the train plan of the region: the S-Bahn (fast train) to Hofheim is S2 = red line

or a screenshot here below (dashed circles are Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (central station) and Hofheim).

You can choose to stay in the Frankfurt city center and take the train to Hofheim or stay in Hofheim itself. There is - however - only one hotel within walking distance of the venue. See for more information on the Accomodation page.

Travelling by Air

Frankfurt Rhein-Main International airport is the larges airport in Germany and one of the major airport hubs in Europe, therefore it is easy to reach from almost every place in the world, both by regular as well as some low budget airlines.

Airport Frankfurt-Hahn is one the hubs for low-fare airlines. Please note that this small airport is 2 hrs away from Frankfurt!! There are direct bus coaches into Frankfurt city center from Frankfurt Hahn Airport (see: which take about 2 hrs.

How to get to Hofheim from the Airport:

There is a direct bus from the Terminal 1 of Rhein Main international airport to Hofheim city (Bus X17 station Frankfurt Flughafen Terminal 1) which departs from platform 17 at the bus terminal at the Frankfurt airport Terminal 1 and goes to Hofheim bus (“Hofheim Bahnhof 3”, bus terminal next to the railway station and the congress venue.  It takes about 20 min. The schedule can be found here:

Taxis to or from Frankfurt Rhein-Main International Airport to Hofheim are about 25-30 EUR. For your travelling back to the Airport, there is a taxi stand at the bus station in Hofheim city in short walking distance to the venue. A taxi from the airport will take about 15 min.

Travelling by train

Many long distance express trains (ICE) go into Frankfurt main railway station. There are even some direct trains to other European countries. Some of tzhe long distance trains will also stop at Frankfurt airport and not Frankfurt main station. 

How to get to Hofheim from Frankfurt main railway station:

There is a direct suburban train from the main railway station in Frankfurt (line S2 direction “Niedernhausen”) or the regional train direction “Limburg” which will go to Hofheim railway station within 20 min. The suburban trains run every 20-30 min. The schedule can be found here:

A taxi from Frankfurt main station into Hofheim will be about 30-40,- EUR.

Travelling by car

Since Frankfurt is in the heart of Germany, there are a lot of highways to Frankfurt from all directions. For travelling to Hofheim, you have to go on the Autobahn A66, which connects Wiesbaden and Frankfurt. Please use the exit “Hofheim Nord/Frankfurt Zeilsheim”, then go straight into Hofheim (you will pass Hofheim Small Animal clinic on your right) and follow the signs to Hofheim city hall (“Stadthalle”). There is ample parking at the Chinon center covered parking facility which has direct access to the congress venue. 

This is the address of the venue: 

Stadthalle Hofheim am Taunus
Chinonplatz 4
65719 Hofheim am Taunus